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A Closer Look At Popular Metal Casting Furnaces

When it comes to metal casting, there are several furnaces in the market that can be used, such as electric arcs, explosion, cornwall iron, and so on. Each of these furnaces has taken different approaches to melt the metal and, thus, each is suitable for different types of metals and applications. To know more about metal casting, you can visit

The two types of metal casting furnaces are:

Electric Arc Furnace

This melting furnace charged the metal by using the electric arc (hence the name). They are available in several sizes, the smallest one can dilute a maximum of 1 ton and the largest one is able to accommodate up to 400 tons. The smaller furnaces used in metal casting, generally produce cast iron objects, while the larger one commonly used in secondary steelmaking. The furnace temperature can reach somewhere around 1800 degrees Celsius.

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Blast furnace

These furnaces (also known as type 'metallurgical furnaces') melt the metal through the smelting process. Unlike the electric arc furnace, this one does not have specific instructions for operating – only metal is loaded into the furnace where it sits until the temperature reaches a point that causes it to meltdown. This process is commonly used for the manufacture of iron products.

Many manufacturers prefer blast furnace with an electric arc, as it requires very little work on their behalf. Electric arc furnaces require workers to be trained and very familiar with how the process works, otherwise, they might make a mistake.