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About Project

The portal aims to provide space for a moderated discussion of the identity and brand of our country.

Nation branding is considered to be an important part of the foreign policy of states. Does Slovakia need its brand? If so, what messages should be associated with and what visual representation should it be?

This website brings video interviews with celebrities whose successful careers are tied to Slovakia. Several of them have contributed a blog post. The content of the site is also the design of communication frames and graphic sketches.

Nothing you see on the page is ” carved into the stone ” – we are just at the beginning of the process and appreciate your constructive feedback. Do not hesitate to use the questionnaire included in the portal.

If you are interested, you can place your own suggestions on the page. We appreciate all the suggestions, but we would like to avoid anonymous overlaps – so please use the registration option.

Our ambition is to identify the positive characteristics of our country and its inhabitants, on which we can agree together. These can then be used by creative artists to prepare the content and visual design of the Slovakia brand.

New content will be added to the portal. By the end of 2014, we would like to evaluate your feedback and develop further activities based on it.

The goal of Slovakia’s branding is to contribute to the positive perception of our country abroad – so that we can better attract investment and tourists, or more successfully support our people and products in the world.

The portal project was supported by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, which is responsible for the presentation of Slovakia abroad on the basis of a mandate in the Slovak Republic. competition law.

The project’s implementer is a team of students from the Faculty of Mass Media Communication of the University of Sv. Cyril and Method, who is working under the guidance of experienced experts on branding and management.