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All About Benefits of Reusable straws

Over the last few months, many fast food restaurants and even entire cities have promised to ban plastic straws. Even more, they have become a symbol of the terrible effects of plastic on the environment.

One way to reduce the impact of plastic straws on the environment is by drinking directly from the cup, or using a reusable alternative to plastic straws . As the name suggests we can use reusable straws  several times.

reusable straws

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There are many types of reusable straw such as bamboo straw, glass straws, stainless steel straw. Most importantly these straws are environment friendly. 

Reusable stainless steel straws as alternatives. They are much better than plastic, for reasons more than just environmental benefits. Here are a few advantages of stainless steel straws.

Safety & Ease of Use

There are many other alternatives to plastic straw, such as glass and bamboo. However, the stainless steel is still recommended. Here's why:

Compared with bamboo and straw glass, the stainless steel version has a number of advantages. They are more durable than both bamboo and glass straws, and safer too. In case you didn't know, stainless steel straws are rust-proof. 

Easy to Clean

The good thing is that stainless steel straws are super easy to clean. Just like any other metal kitchen, stainless steel straws are safe for dishwashing. 

All you need to do is rinse the straw after use, and then throw it into the dishwasher. Apart from being dishwasher-safe. This makes it easy to clean straw almost effortlessly.