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All About Heavy Duty Bags, Plastic Envelopes, and Security Bags

Custom industrial poly is produced in various sizes and sizes that can be used for various purposes such as heavy-duty bags, plastic envelopes, security bags and more. Polybags can be fully customized with your company's color scheme and logo to help increase brand awareness and product familiarity.

By using the same colors and logos on your custom industrial polybags, you can build a uniform brand that will help customers and clients associate the various products and services you provide with your company. Poly security bags feature a clear closing system and permanent self-adhesive to ensure that what you need to stay safe, stay safe.

Poly security bags are used by financial institutions, armored operators, and retailers for night deposits, cash transfers, payroll, checks, and police evidence rooms and to store patients' valuables. You can easily get the tamper proof security bags via

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Poly security bags have writable surfaces so important information can be recorded directly to the surface. Tear reception and serial numbers also help in the responsibility of important material.

Special heavy-duty bags are fully customizable and made from high-quality poly film that features exceptional sealability, high strength, and non-sliding surfaces for shipping, stacking and easy storage in pallets.

Heavy-duty lawn and garden bags have multi-layer extrusion capabilities that allow forms and filling applications to run faster and more smoothly.

The features of heavy-duty lawn and custom garden bags include high impact strength, puncture resistance, low creep or stretching to maintain shape and maintain stackability, UV protection films that last up to six months and fade-resistant inks used in the adjustment process.

Heavy-duty bags made with embossed textures are the perfect choice for products that need to be stacked safely and securely on pallets for warehouse storage, safe transit, and frequent loading and unloading.