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Assault Defense Attorney In San Francisco

Under US law, assault and battery are two different legal concepts. Individuals may be charged with one of the two crimes, but often they are charged properly, because both are closely related. The main difference between crimes is whether or not physical contact with the victim actually made.

When an individual is accused of both crimes, he was advised to seek legal defense. While the legal defense is not technically necessary, will greatly assist in criminal cases, as well versed in the law is usually necessary to win the case. You can also look for the qualified and top-ranked assault defense attorney in San Francisco if you are facing an assault charge.

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When an individual is attacked, it means that it is threatened. This threat makes people fear for her safety and is usually made to compel individuals to act in a certain way. That is, when one individual attacks another individual, he had committed battery. There are various levels of assault and battery.

In addition, it is possible to carry out an attack without the battery, simply because possible to do without a strike battery. Aggravated assault, sometimes referred to as assault with a deadly weapon, occurs when an individual threatens to hurt someone with multiple objects, such as guns or knives. Assault includes all types of threats.