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Bath Salt: How the Ancient Egyptians Use Dead Sea Salt

A person who made a fortune building salt mines was a man called Fakhri. A small population of camel drivers lived by the salt mines of Fez, which are now known as Dead Sea. One day Fakhri was told by a shepherd that if he kept the fields clear of weeds and wild barley, he would gain great wealth.

In order to keep the soil from being spoiled he carried his wife and children in a basket across the Dead Sea. They were drowned in the Dead Sea water. His wifes necklace, which she wore to protect herself from the water was found by a shepherd and he brought her home to his family.

Fakhri was so touched by this story that he went on to build salt mines in Fez. He began with three thousand men and two thousand women and children. He spent ten years building up the salt mines. With its fragrance of sandalwood, cinnamon and vanilla, buy Dead Sea salt is a very traditional bath accessory. It has a long and historic history, especially in Egypt and other countries around the world.

After Fakhri built his salt mines he realized that he needed to sell the salt and he decided to sell it over the Dead Sea. The women and children of Fez were sold first and they became the owners of the original Dead Sea salt mines. The salt could be sold only after the original owner passed away.

Salt was a luxury not everyone could afford. People would not have any and they would not have anything to use as a natural home for fish. But the women and children of Fez were well off and very comfortable. At first, they still did not want the salt but later on they began to use the salt as a source of medicine for all kinds of burns.

The Bedouin were very fond of the bath salt and the prices became so high that no one could afford to buy it except the rich. This happened because of the increase in the production of salt at the Dead Sea and the increase in the demand for salt.

When oil came to the attention of people, the bath salt had been going the way of the donkey cart. The development of new methods of mining salt began and with this came the mass production of salt and an increase in the price of the bath salt.

The mass production of bath salt brought down the prices and soon everyone could afford to buy the bath salt. Some people still used the bath salt as a necessity or for medicinal purposes but nowadays you can get bath salts in the form of candles, essential oils, bath salts, bath salts sprays and all the bath salts, although the bath salt is a favorite of many.

The new formulations of bath salt, while retaining the familiar scent of the bath salt, have also produced bath salts with added flavors that are loved by many. Most of these new formulas have a great deal of citrus scents and taste just like the original Dead Sea salt and this combination is much liked by many.

The original Dead Sea salt is also made available in many other forms than those of salt crystals, such as: spa salts, bath oil, candies, bath soaps, etc. It has become an essential to have a supply of bath salt on hand to spice up your daily bath routine.

Of course, you dont have to buy the bath salt from your local bath salts store. You can make your own bath salt at home by combining ingredients like, fresh ground cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin seeds, orange peels, maple syrup, sea salt, bay leaf, sea salt crystals, aromatic bath soaps, honey, coconuts, oatmeal, lavender oil, lemon juice, sandalwood, lavender oil, organic cane sugar, oregano oil, star anise, Cayenne pepper, orris root, Rosemary, rosewater, chamomile, aloe vera, lavender, geranium leaves, orange peel, wild yams, etc.