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Bridal Florist in Sydney – Choosing The Right One

If you are planning to get married, one of the activities on your to-do list is to choose a bridal florist. This person will be the one to prepare your wedding bouquet, your floral arrangements for the ceremony and reception.

As your wedding preparation will be quite hectic, it's one less thing to worry about by letting a bridal florist take care of the flowers. Your beautiful floral arrangements will set the tone for the day and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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What Are The Qualities You Should Look For

First and foremost, your florist should be a people person and one that you can get along with. He/she should be open to your ideas. They should not dictate what you should have but be open to suggest options and alternatives based on your budget. They should be able to work with you to propose designs that will reflect your wedding theme.

List of things to consider

  • If you have attended recent weddings where you like floral arrangements, ask the brides for their florist. This is a good starting point if you do not know where to begin.
  • Ask the florist to show you samples of their floral decorations that they have done for other weddings. Most will have photo albums showing off their work. You may find one that will meet your needs.
  • When meeting with your florist, bring along anything that will assist in the design. This includes a picture of your wedding dress, photos of your favorite floral design. Hint: A year before your wedding date, keep an eye out for any floral arrangements you like and take photos of them. If you see something you like in a magazine, cut those out and bring them along.
  • As mentioned earlier, good communication between you and your florist is a must. Indicate to them your working budget.