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Canines Help In Detecting & Controlling Bed Bugs

While there are many cities, including the greatest cities in the world that host to something not so serene i.e., bed bugs.

This disgusting, nasty and almost microscopic organism can occupy the entire building, the theater, and the whole apartment complexes and houses. You can also get more information about canine bed bug detection services.

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And they are pretty fast at that. Bed bug control is a big issue right now, especially after news emerged of places like hotels and cinema are infested.

What Are Bed Bugs?

These insects are called Cimicidae and are considered as parasites. The most common of them is Cimex lectularius. They are bloodsuckers and as it feeds off your blood while you sleep.

Bed bugs are commonly found under rampant mattresses in-home, and because of the similarity that they have derived the nickname: "bed bugs"

How Dogs Aid In Bed Bug Detection & Control

One of the newer methods of controlling bed bugs involves using man's best friend (the dog) to sniff them out. Since the inspector can only see signs of invasion, such as dead bugs or skin bites.

Dogs, however, have a sense of smell that is almost incomparable to any other organism, one that is so powerful that they can be taught to sniff out these pests at a much higher level of precision than human inspectors can.

Make sure that your inspector has a companion dog so that you can know for sure if bed bugs are in your home, and so you can eradicate these parasites from your home once and for all.