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Choose Reliable Real Estate Title Agent

All home sales require the services of a real estate agent no matter whether you buy a house with the help of a realtor or if you are involved in a sale with an owner transaction. Title companies provide services that no one else can do, and some of it is better if you don't do it yourself. 

A real estate title agent is an impartial service provider for real estate transactions. Although generally chosen by the seller, this is part of a negotiable transaction. Regardless of which party chooses the agency, the title agency does not work for one over the other.

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Instead, they work for the good of the transaction. It is the duty of the agent or title agent to ensure the transaction is closed on time and with all necessary documentation and payment required.

This search ensures that the property is free from liens and is available for sale by law. In addition to title searches, title companies provide real estate insurance, which is required in almost all transactions, even if it is sold through owner transactions.

Full-service title real estate agents can provide services above and beyond the title search and insurance for sale by owner transaction.

When choosing a title agent to help you sell with owner transactions, look for companies that offer all the services you need and treat you well.