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Choosing Good Boxing Gloves

¬†Boxing gloves, in combination with hand wraps can help to counteract hand, thumb and wrist injuries and a condition that is commonly known as ‘Boxers Fracture.

There are basically two types of a boxing gloves and they are as follows. Bag Gloves otherwise known as Training Gloves are used for punching the heavy bag and other impact training such as punching the pads with a trainer. You can buy your new pair of boxing gloves through the best online store.

Boxing Gloves

The weight of these gloves is usually between 12 ounces and 16oz Boxing Gloves, though some bag gloves can weigh as much as 22 ounces. 16-ounce gloves are the most common weight training gloves and are specially used for sparring.

Women and anyone with a smaller build may prefer a lighter weighted glove such as 10, 12, or 14 ounces.

Although bag gloves are mainly used for bag and pad work they can also be used for sparring providing that the hitting surface is not damaged or frayed as this can cause avoidable scratches and cuts on your boxing partner’s face. The second type of glove is Sparring Gloves or Fight Gloves.

This type of glove is used for sparring and competition in both professional and amateur bouts. They are usually lace up gloves as opposed to Velcro secure. In general 10 ounce gloves are used in Amateur competition and will be either red or blue with a white target area to help the judge’s score.

Professional fighters use 8 ounce gloves and the brand and colour is typically decided upon by the promoters of the fight or the particular organization that is administering the event.

Having the right kind of glove is critical to your success both in and out of the ring not just to make you feel more comfortable as a Boxer, but also in protecting your hands so be sure to make an informed decision before settling on a Boxing glove for you.