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Colon Hydrotherapy- The Difference Between the Closed System and the Open System

Modern lifestyle is usually characterized by fast food, unhealthy habits such as excessive intake of drugs, drink alcohol and smoke. These factors together with the toxins in the environment cause strain on the human body, so that for some diseases.

Detoxification therapy procedure generally promotes the elimination of toxic substances from the body. In the standard treatment, detoxification can be achieved synthetic chelation therapy. However, there is also a natural method of detoxification can be achieved.

These treatments include massage therapy naturopathic, water or juice fasting, cleanse diet, and cleaning procedures such as enemas and colon hydrotherapy. You can easily get the colon hydrotherapy session from various spas.

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It is believed that most of these therapies have been used since ancient times as a standard of medical care. Open systems, on the other hand, have a treatment table that has a built-in basin that is plumbed directly into the sewer system.

Air is introduced into the colon via the rectum using a small pencil-thin tube. Water also can be set up as such in the Closed System. However, unlike the Closed System, Open Systems naturally encourage the elimination of water and sewage.

One of these ancient detoxification treatments are rapidly regaining popularity is colon hydrotherapy. It is a cleansing process that is characterized by a gentle introduction and arranged sterilized water for the entire length of the colon through the rectum. The purpose of this treatment is to remove all the garbage that affects the large intestine.