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Dare To Wear Brown

Chances are, your first jacket was a black colored one. Black is usually the first choice of color that people usually go for. All the men and women who have sported the iconic leather jacket on the silver screen and rock stars who have been recognized for using them frequently have all chosen black.

But is black really the most effective color when it comes to rocking the drop-dead good looks of a leather jacket? It would appear so until you come across the best ladies velvet jackets online

Black and brown leather jackets are almost like siblings. Both of them are awesome. But somehow the black one is more popular and the brown constantly languishes in the black one's shadow.

But you would be pleasantly surprised at just how much a brown leather jacket has to offer to your fashion. Straight out of the box, the brown leather jacket has some fun facts that instantly make it way cooler than the black one.

It has a history and heritage that comes from a long line of airmen from the German army. That's right, brown leather jackets were the first ones to even come into existence! Although it was created as apparel to keep these soldiers warm, it quickly became a fashion statement and a symbol of rebellion.

No discussion about men's attire is complete without the mention of smart casuals. The elegance of the brown leather jacket compliments the smart casual look very well. This means it is time to break out your sweater vests, knitted pullovers, oxford shirt, dressy denim jeans, and desert boots.