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Design Your Own Coat And Sweaters

If you are living in a western country or the cold states like New York, Michigan, and Alaska, dog coat and dog sweater are the most important for dog costumes. 

Since dog sweaters and other small dog costumes can be homemade, a dog coat can be ordered with the following details specified to your order.

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coat and sweaters

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First, select your coat's weight and style. Weight should be chosen depending on your dog's needs. Each coat has a corresponding weight depending on the layer available. It also varies the functionality, like it is waterproof, windproof or washable. The style can either be English or Western Style.

Second is picking the outdoor and inner layer. The outdoor layer should be waterproof, wind-resistant, and breathable. The standard inner layer is thick. You may choose then what color would you like for the coat.

The third is to choose some design options that are available. The reflective option is now available for the safety and visibility of your dog during the night. It is perfect for it to be placed in the more visible parts. The other option available is by adding trims.

Fourth is your harness opening. The standard harness opening is one inch or you may define. It is possible to either have two openings, one for the front chest, and the other one is in the back. Other small dog costumes have the same sizing measurements as dog sweaters and T-shirts.