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Difference Between a Realtor and a Real Estate Consultant

If you are looking to buy a home in the greater Houston area, and are looking to hire a good realtor or real estate agent to help you with your search, you may be wondering what the difference. Consultant or broker is better for your needs?

A broker is a commission-based position, which will show the houses at no initial cost. A realtor will only make money at the end of the sale and take a percentage of the sale of the house for their salary. If you want to hire the consultant then you can navigate the link.

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Realtors are more common than the real estate consultant. A broker that is part of the Houston Association of Realtors will be required to follow a strict set of guidelines and Code of Conduct for the retail status of their Realtor. 

A real estate agent, however, is affiliated with the association of real estate, and do not have a code of ethics to follow. A consultant paid for their time, hourly, not as a position assigned, and will charge per hour standard for a buyer for the house and property tours, filming walked home-through, and the filing of any document, regardless of whether or not the sale goes through.