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Different Types of Kitchen Countertop

No matter what the size of your kitchen or your family's lifestyle, natural stone countertops will add value and functionality to your home. There is no other material that is durable, attractive, and safe as a rock.

Various benefits make it a prime choice for kitchen and bathroom marble natural stone.

There are different types of kitchen countertops, some of them are given below:

Corian: It is a popular brand of the solid surface of the table. Corian is plastic so that they are not rich color tones. Certain colors are available in marble, granite or Silverstone table cannot be found in the table Corian.

This table is not resistant to heat. So hot pot or pan cannot be stored on the surface. The Corian table can be used in the tub surrounds, shower stalls and other surfaces. It has a nearly 10-year warranty. Marble tables are widely used for the bathroom.

To create a luxury bathroom marble tiles on the floor are very necessary.

Marble: Marble is available in various colors; the most common is white, gray, green, and pink. Marble is widely used in restaurant kitchens because it is heat resistant so that the hot plate can be placed on it.

Marble tables are useful for people who do a lot of cake. Marble requires treatment. Clean up spills quickly if the stain will remain. The main advantage of a marble countertop is its beauty. The marbles are also used for statues of gods and goddesses.