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Do-It-Yourself Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

As with all things, sometimes it seems better and more cost-effective to maintain and repair things personally. In some situations, this can be true with Terrazzo.  

Image of terrazzo flooring in Melbourne

Tips for Terrazzo Cleaning

Things to Avoid

Common household cleaning products that are acidic and ammonia-based, or even homemade concoctions using vinegar are too harsh to be used on Terrazzo. Over time, these cleaning solutions will eat into the protective coating on Terrazzo and a professional will eventually need to be engaged to do a premature restoration project. Oil-based products should also be avoided as they will stain the Terrazzo flooring, as well as leave a slippery residue. This, in turn, will create a dangerous floor. Floors that are scrubbed, scoured, sanded, waxed, buffed and polished too often will also deteriorate quickly and will cease to shine and sparkle – the very reason Terrazzo is desired. 

By all appearances, that doesn’t leave many options for daily care and cleaning on Terrazzo flooring. Or does it? 

Things That Can be Done

Sometimes, the simplest option is the best option. Warm soapy water and a soft cloth or mop is best suited to cleaning a Terrazzo floor. If there is a stubborn scuff or stain, then a bit of “elbow grease” is all that needs to be added to the mix. Additionally, cleaning up any spills or marks as soon as they appear will make the overall task of cleaning Terrazzo much simpler. 

Outsourced Terrazzo Cleaning

If you are short on time and the area covered by Terrazzo is a large space, it might be more convenient and cost-effective to hire a cleaning service to properly clean the floor. If this is the path you choose, be sure to do your due diligence in asking some key questions. These can be: 

  • What sort of products do you use in cleaning and maintaining Terrazzo?

  • How often do you propose the Terrazzo flooring needs to be cleaned? 

  • How long do you think it will take to clean this area? 

  • How much will you charge to clean this area? 

  • Do you see any issues with cleaning this area?

When quoting the Terrazzo cleaning job, a cleaning service might also indicate that some repair work is needed. 

Repairing Terrazzo Cracks

This can also be a simple task, depending on how large a crack is. Small cracks can be filled without engaging professionals as long as the right colour and substance are used. However, it does pay to get repair items done by a terrazzo specialist as they will ensure: 

  • The right colour pigment matching is done; 

  • The epoxy is made and used correctly; and

  • The floor is finished, sanded and buffed to appear as though the crack never existed. 

Depending on the number of cracks, their depth and length, it may be better to consider outsourcing the repair to someone that is familiar with the process. This will ensure that the repairs are done properly, which will ultimately prolong the life of your flooring.