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Eat Healthy Thai Food In Spokane

Spices and fresh ingredients make Thai food a great choice. If you are looking out for something healthy and nutritious, Thai cuisine has a great mix of vegetables, meat and a whole lot of herbs and spices. Of course, like every other cuisine there is a mix of rich dishes as well as some healthy and light ones. 

So when you're eating out and want to eat healthy you need to know what to order and how to order it especially when it comes to Thai food.  You can navigate to to see and order the dishes online in Spokane.

Som tam is a salad made with shredded green papaya and a mix of tomatoes, garlic string beans, shrimp chillies, peanuts and sometimes carrots. It is a very common dish that is available in almost every restaurant in Spokane. There are several versions of this salad and the add-on ingredients may change depending on availability. It is usually eaten with sticky rice. 

Tom yum soup is a dish packed with flavors from lemongrass, limes, galangal and ginger. This soup is super healthy and easy to make. To make it more protein rich, add some chicken or shrimps. Balance and variety is the main essence of Thai food.