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Electronic Door Locks – Are They Right For You?

Electronic Door Locks come at various types and prices. You might think that if the lock is electronic then it is more secure than a mechanical lock. This is not true: as the old adage "you get what you pay for".

What I mean by that all electronic keys must have mechanical parts to them, such as the locking bolt or latch, mounting, handle or lever, etc. All of these have to be manufactured to a high standard. If they do not, the lock will not be as secure as high-security mechanical locks.

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Again, there are various ways this lock function. The key can be operated with batteries or can be hard-wired (low voltage).

It can be opened using a card, a key with a chip embedded in it, it could have a key fob (such as your garage door), or can use biometrics such as fingerprints, fingerprint oil, etc.

What are the Benefits of Electronic Lock?

Just like cell phones or TVs, high-end products will have more features than the lower end products. Some important features are:

Audit feature

The ability to lock out users

Easy retrofit to the door (replacement of mechanical door locks)

Mechanical parts are manufactured to a high standard

High battery usage (if batteries are used)

Low battery warning


Acceptance of electronic door lock is divided into two different directions, commercial and residential.