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Everything About Polymer Concrete Overlay

Although we know that decorative concrete has been around us for a very long time. But the construction industry just started using it as decorative concrete overlays. Nowadays, it is also known to be the best polymer overlay for concrete bridge decks

Flexible concrete overlays the power is in the polymer ...

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Initially, it was used to repair existing concrete surfaces, cracks and other damage. But now from over twenty years things have changed. Many people have adapted concrete overlay for decorative purposes and to liven up the concrete, both outside and inside.

People are now using concrete for residential and commercial buildings. They are also used on floors, countertops and driveways. Polymer concrete overlays are used in a similar way as paint. It can add a fresh and new look if they are applied.

Generally, overlay comes in hand when the existing concrete seems to be a poor candidate for already decorated concrete staining and coloring. This overlay will provide the surface with a smooth, fresh, and perfect looking surface. It also delivers consistent appeal and cleans color. It is a very easier option because it does not require the removal of existing slabs. 

The overlay is obtained from the mixture of aggregates, cement and polymer resins. The resin is used to make the overlay even more resistant and flexible for compression and scratching. It also helps in reducing the incidence of freeze-thaw damage, cracking, chipping, water discoloration, and scuffing.