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Finding the Perfect Set Of Trekking & Walking Poles

The appropriate trekking poles allow you to have a pleasant and less tiring hike in the hills; so take your time before buying your walking sticks. Make sure they are perfect for you.  Navigate HighStreamGear to buy the best hiking sticks online.

 Important things to consider before buying trekking poles for hiking are;

The Tip

This is where the whole work is done, then make sure that the tip is made from tungsten carbide. You must also have a slot rubber cover on the tip for easy walks and packaging.


These baskets help to prevent walking sticks from sticking in the mud, snow or soft ground by spreading the weight of the tip across the surface basket. It is usually removable and it is best to have a small selection of baskets for various conditions.

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The shaft is used for easy packing and you can set the pole position according to your height. The shaft is made up of materials which mainly depend on your budget. 

Wrist Strap

The wrist strap should provide support and comfort because it's this strap that absorbs a large amount of weight when you push down your hiking poles.

Hand Grip

There is a wide variety of hand grips that are available in the market from simple to user-friendly designs. But make sure the handle is very comfortable for your grip. If not, you could end up with the first palms, or even bloated.