Online sleep training will help you improve the quality of your sleep for you and your child with a 7 day workshop that will give you the tools, information and tips you need to improve your family's sleep!

We know how difficult it can be to care for an unsafe baby. Baby Sleep Magic Pty Ltd offers individual sleep programs tailored for you and your family, as well as comprehensive medical care. After the initial assessment, we will offer practical advice, age-appropriate routines and all necessary medical examinations and actions to facilitate and improve your baby's sleep quality.

We know that every family is different and of course every baby is different. The same approach will not work for everyone. The initial consultation also includes an assessment of the mother and any tests or treatments that may be needed to optimize the mother's health.

Most sleep coaches say the ideal time to start sleep training (or encourage independent sleep, not necessarily the screaming method) depends on your baby's development, but is usually between four and six months. Time to get used to breastfeeding or falling asleep. 

At this stage, most babies are ready to develop so they can fall asleep on their own, explains by occupational therapist who runs sleep advisory app. At about four months of age, some babies experience sleep regression as their sleep cycle changes and there are lighter sleep periods per cycle.