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Globulins of the Human Blood

Human plasma, which is one of the most important components, is mainly responsible for the accurate flow of blood in the human body. Human plasma consists of water and protein and makes up almost 55% of the total blood volume in the human body.

 There are some different serums provided by Geneticist Inc in human plasma are albumin, fibrinogen, and globulin. When fibrinogen is released from plasma, it is converted into a serum. Fibrinogen is part of blood clotting. Albumin is also a globular protein, but not a globulin. 

Serum globulins are divided into types based on their properties. Protein electrophoresis is a method by which these serum globulins are divided into categories.

Globulins are a group of spherical proteins that are volatile in electrically charged solutions or alkaline solutions. This alpha globulin contains several blood enzymes. There are several types of alpha globulins, which are further subdivided into alpha 1 and alpha 2.

Beta globulin is also the same as alpha globulin but is less volatile than this. These are iron-containing globulins in blood plasma and transport proteins that serve as substrates on which other substances are formed and fulfill various other functions in the human body.

Gamma globulin is a type of globulin that is identified based on its position after electrophoresis in the serum protein extraction process.