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Hardscape Your Outdoor Living in Surrey

Installing patios and hardscapes can be divided into two important, major steps: planning and design, and installation. Before any construction takes place, it is important to carefully plan out the area and decide how you want to utilize the space to ensure that you use it to the maximum effect. This can be done on your own, or with the help of the best hardscape landscapers in Surrey, BC.


Balancing the area and choosing a focal point is also an important part of installing a hardscape. Creating a balance between hard features such as walkways and stonework, and natural greenery will help your yard look natural and incorporate walkways and patios into the surrounding area in a way that makes them seamless additions to the natural landscape and features. Choosing walkways that curve with the terrain, as well as patios and hardscape features that transition into the surroundings seamlessly will make the area feel more graceful and peaceful. 

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Once the planning stages are complete, the actual construction of your patio or hardscape can begin.

Excavate and level the area

The first step to construction is to level and excavate the area where you are planning to build. For many features, such as patios, it is important to have a flat area to build on so the stones can lay level and the area can drain properly. Typically, you should excavate about five and a half inches into the ground.

Fill in the base layer

After the area has been excavated, it can be filled in with the base materials that will support what is being built above. Typically, the base for a patio is made up of a limestone mix that can be purchased from a landscape supply company and should be installed in layers that are approximately two inches thick and built up until the base is six inches thick. This will prevent the patio or walkway from settling over time and assist with drainage. 



Lay the stones

Once the base is installed, you can begin laying the stones that will make up the walkway. For this step, it is advisable that you consult a specialist who can help you decide the size and color of the stones you will need, as well as how many you should purchase. Depending upon the type of pavers you use will depend upon the method used to cut the stones to the exact specifications of your design and space needs. There are generally three ways: a guillotine, a power saw (circular saw with a diamond blade, a wet tile saw), or a hammer and chisel.