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Health and Fitness

Health Benefits Of Beetroot Powder

Beets are a highly renewable resource and an inexpensive source of nutrients. If you aren’t looking to grow your own beets–or cook and peel them, for that matter–beetroot powder is a great way to get the nutritional benefits of beets without the extra work (or stained fingers!).

Beetroot powder makes beets a much more versatile product, ideal for frying, sauces, oatmeal and, you guessed it, smoothies. Click over here to know more about beet root powder.

Most research on beets in humans has focused on their cardiovascular and performance-enhancing effects, areas where beet supplementation has been particularly successful. How do bits do it? Beets are one of the few plant foods that contain dietary nitrates.

Nitrates are converted to nitric oxide, a molecule that dilates blood vessels to increase blood flow, which aids in almost every function in the body. Beetroot powder contains more concentrated nitrate than whole beets.

Nitrates in beets have been shown to have positive effects:

• Heart health

• Healthy blood pressure

• Streamlining blood and oxygen circulation in the body

• Increased endurance, stamina, energy, and sporty recovery (thanks to increased blood circulation!)

Remember, inflammation can be a normal response of your immune system to a suspected threat of infection or foreign invaders, which is a good thing. (This would be acute inflammation.) Chronic inflammation is different, and research shows that it is the cause of most diseases.

Modern lifestyles (read: highly processed foods, stress, environmental factors) can be a major cause of inflammation, but we can fight it in many ways, including our diet. Beets contain phytonutrients such as violaxanthin, betanin, and isobutane, which help the body achieve a normal inflammatory response.