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How A Property Appraisal Can Be An Additional Selling Tool

With the increase in home inventory in several real estate markets, many home sellers rely on property valuation to get an independent and impartial opinion about the value of their home and as an indicator of any negative potential that might need to be addressed before putting their home on the market. You can also contact a los angeles property appraiser through

While a comparative market analysis of a professional agent is usually a good indicator of the suggested selling price in your home, the seller might want this second opinion to verify the best selling price. If you must choose to spend money, you must pay around $ 200.00 to $ 400.00 for this report.

Your assessment

whose length can range from two or three pages to more than one hundred, depending on the scope – will include details about the house, environmental description and side-by-side comparisons of similar properties. It will also contain an evaluation of the real estate market and notation of the main problems with the property that will affect its value.

Although many sales agents are adept at pointing out problems with the property, professional judgment will give the home seller more in-depth information than would otherwise be available. This will allow the seller to determine who he wants to invest in repairs or consider as items to be negotiated with potential buyers. This report will allow the seller to determine the best selling price before he places his house on the market.