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How Speech Therapy Is Covered by Health Insurance In Australia?

Communication disruption is a disease covered by many major health insurers. However, there are some health insurance companies that do not cover communication problems. The first step is to determine if your insurer covers speech pathology services.

Contact your insurer and ask them to send you a written list of diseases and complaints handled. If you want to know more about speech therapy, you can also browse

If your insurer does not cover communication disruptions, look for as much written material as possible about the condition of your communication disruption, but make sure the written material deems your condition medically necessary.

Write a letter explaining the reasons why they need to cover up your specific communication breakdown. Also include a written letter from your doctor explaining why your communication breakdown is considered medically necessary.

Find as many articles as you can that explain and explain how your disorder is a disease. Find other insurance companies that have coverage for your specific communication breakdown and ask them to send you an estimate and recovery time.

All of this will prove that your insurance service provider needs to cover your communication disruptions. If all else fails, contact a lawyer or medical mediator to write a letter on your behalf explaining the reasons for the therapeutic scope of lingual-linguistic pathology.