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How to Choose An Air Compressor – A Brief Guide

So your company needs a compressor. Hence, you need to find a job and send it to their employer. Compressor choice – he is responsible. 

Before shopping, you need to first determine the type of machine that is suitable for your needs. You can also browse compressedair to find more information about the screw air compressors.

screw air compressors

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1. What is a compressor?

The compressor compresses the gas.

2. What type of gas should be compressed?

If the answer is "air", then you need an air compressor. If you need to compress other gases, look for a gas compressor or one of the specific compressors. 

3. How much power or how much gas must be compressed per unit of time?

Capacity ¡The capacity or flow rate and is measured in cfm.

4. For what pressure do you have to compress the gas?

The final pressure is usually referred to as outlet pressure (outlet pressure, outlet pressure) and can be expressed as absolute, i.e. H. becomes zero and redundant, that is, a correction for atmospheric pressure.

5. Does the compressor work?

When answering this question, you can choose between a stationary station and a mobile compressor station. The workshop is equipped with a stationary compressor for permanent seating, a very efficient model – for the support frame or foundation.