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How to Exterminate the Rodents in home

Every housewife wants the house to be free of all foreign invaders such as rodents, but in spite of, and the best efforts of cleaning and organizing the house properly still rodents explore their way in our every day to day lives.

They come into our house one way or another, their source of life and live in our homes, and add the worst, they have even set up their nests and start producing more. To ensure the safety of our homes and smooth functioning of our households, we must follow a few steps to pest control. You can easily find out the service for rodent proofing via


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One can also consult a fight against pests. Different methods can be followed for a healthy life and pest free. The few popular methods are listed below and explained, these are:


 In this simple method TRAPS are used to catch rats and mice traps are readily available in two forms:

– The wooden trap: They are very easily available and inexpensive compared to glue traps. In traps wooden one place for food in the moment rodent tests to catch up, the food trap is triggered and the mouse is trapped.

– Glue Traps: These are too easily but expensive compared to wooden traps. It is like a piece of fly-papers that mice can get stuck on. But we must be very careful not to use glue traps in the area where children or pets at home can contact.