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How To Find Authentic Cuban Cigar?

Cuban cigars are so prized that lots of traders are proven to sell fake Cubans to cigar smokers.  If you are a cigar lover and want to protect yourself from being fooled then you need to choose the right source for purchasing Cuban cigar.

You can search online about the best cigar sellers. You can even browse this website – if you want to buy quality Cuban cigars online.

First, make sure you buy your cigars from a legitimate retailer. Purchasing cigar from a legitimate cigar company will avoid the wastage of your money on fake cigars.

Cuban Cigar online

In case you've got a chance to buy a box of supposed Cuban cigars, but have your doubts, then take some opportunity to analyze the box prior to buying it. Here are a couple of pointers that will assist you to identify the fake cigar from real one:

  • The main point to examine is your box. Authentic Cuban cigars will have a white and green guarantee seal on the front of this box. The seal will include an insignia which has an image of a shield and a coat. 
  • The general look of this box ought to be clean and neat. If the box looks broken or conspicuous, then you should avoid buying it. 
  • Fake Cuban cigar boxes frequently discover other methods to imprint tag, like using rubber stamps or paper tags. It's also wise to locate a factory code postage at the base that's stamped in green, black or blue ink. This stamp will say when and at which the cigars were wrapped.
  •  If it's possible, then take some opportunity to smell the cigar. Cuban cigars are going to have a profound, rich aroma. If the odor is quite weak, it indicates that the box you are holding does not contain authentic Cuban cigar. 

By following above-said points you will be able to find the authentic Cuban cigar to fulfill your desire of cigar smoking.