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How To Install Pool Fences?

Owning a swimming pool provides enjoyment for the family but along with this, the owner must be responsible enough to take into consideration the safety of everybody, the children especially. Pool fences are the best and wisest option any pool owners have to consider.

There are several types of pool fences in Sydney that you can choose from, from the cheapest to the most expensive. There are fences that require the help of professionals in installing and there are also kinds that one can do it alone or those that are easy to install.

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  • The first step is to create a plan for pool fences.
  • Measurements of the pool fences should start at least two feet from the edge of the swimming pool.
  • Make a plan on where you would want the pool gate to be placed; usually, the gate is placed at the front of pool stairs. It must be at least three to six feet in width.
  • Measure the length by laying the garden hose or twine. The measurements you will get from here are the approximate size of the fences that you will have to buy.

Pool Fences Installation

  • Make small holes that are 36 inches apart. This is the distance between the fence poles.
  • Make another hole which is 2 ½ inches from one of the 36 inches holes. This is the distance between the fence sections.
  • Follow this procedure throughout the surrounding pool area until you have finished making the holes around the pool.
  • Make a measurement of the drill bits the plastic sleeves.