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How to Safely Package and Ship Books

Below are a few quick suggestions on things to not do if you are sending novels.

1. Never allow any part of any publication to be without delay against any corner or some other box.

2. Do not pack loose novels (novels have to be wrapped up in newspaper or put in luggage at the box).

3. Used boxes that have dropped their shape also have dropped their structural advantage.

4. Bursting strength. Heavier weight boxes or doubled boxes may be required with horribly heavy or brittle books.

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How to Safely Package and Ship Books

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5. Don't use non-compressible fill throughout novels. The power of an effect will move through the damage and fill the books. Compressible yet resilient fulfill is a complete must.

6. Don't tie boxes with rope, a string of rings. This remains a widely used system in Europe but is not sufficient in the united states and with great reason.

These ties have a propensity to become stuck in machines with possible harm to both the contents and package..

7. The card has to be larger than the catalog so the corners will not be crushed. It is not always safe to boat even lightweight hardbound books in a padded mailer since there's very little protection against corner and bending banging.

8. Do not ship packages that are not properly sealed. All box flaps have to be sealed and additionally, on thick boxes or bundles shipped overseas, all of the folded edges must be recorded too. Giant or thick boxes require tape.