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Information Related To Equine Feeding Tips

When it comes to feeding the horses it depends on the amount of work done and how nutritious grass in the paddock is.

The horse was stabled obviously will require a different mix of grains for one on the grass, but mostly grass-fed horses still need extra food. You can make an online search in order to find more about race horse supplements

1. Before you feed your horse, you should offer him water. If he drank a large draft of fluid after he had eaten it only will flush all your expensive food directly through his system undigested.

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2. If you work hard on your horse you have to feed more than if you do not work him; makes sense does not it? Many people do not understand this basic principle; if you work him a little bit you have to ration food.

3. Horses are grazing animals and are designed to eat little and often if you only eat hard then offered a smaller number constantly is a better idea than one large meal.

4. Take into account the breed when you eat. A Thoroughbred will have different needs than a Shetland pony. Make sure that the mass in the form of hay available at all times to occupy the digestive system. When eating hay as a supplement to make sure it's always fresh and sweet-smelling and does not contain dust. Shake well before eating it.

5. Always introduce new food slowly so that the digestive tract has time to adjust.