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Is Artificial Intelligence Directing Our Fate?

Technology has made our tasks a lot easier in recent times. We do not realize but most of our everyday job is influenced by Artificial Intelligence such as credit card transactions, using GPS in our vehicles, personal assistance by various applications on our smartphone or online customer support with chat bots.

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Today, this complex programming such as AI is replicating human intelligence and beating humans in certain tasks. In the future, with the evolution of AI, almost every human task will be outperformed by the Artificial Intelligence. Jobs that define the identity and lifestyle will be forwarded to the robot. There is no doubt that AI has the potential to be smarter than us, but we cannot predict how it will behave in the future.

Nowadays, nobody in this world knows whether a powerful Artificial Intelligence will be beneficial or harmful to the human race. There is one group of experts who believe that AI will help us in the fight against war, disease and poverty.

On the other hand, some experts believe that it can act as devastating weapon. They are also concerned about the AI which themselves can develop some destructive method to achieve the goal.

Some people suggest that Artificial Intelligence can be managed as nuclear weapons, but the comparison itself is not wise. Nuclear weapons need rare raw materials such as uranium and plutonium, while AI is basically software.