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Items to Buy While Shopping in India


From local markets to modern malls, India is home to some of the best items to shop for. From the latest clothing trends to handicrafts, you are bound to have a great time while shopping in India. If you happen to travel to India, then these are some of the best items you should consider buying.

  1. Handicrafts – Artefacts and handicrafts are found in abundance while shopping in India. Consider buying this item from a local vendor rather than malls, as you get more options plus you can also do a little bit of bargaining.
  2. Clothes – Sarees for women is popular in India. Moreover, every religion makes their own type of sarees for women comprising of various styles and designs. West part of Maharashtra and North India is where you are bound to find colourful sarees. For men, kurtas are the way to look for.
  3. Jewellery – When it comes to jewellery, you are bound to find the finest of qualities in India. Different designs to different purity, women especially are spoilt for choices while buying a few. Make sure to check the rules of your country for importing a jewellery item while taking back home.
  4. Spices – The Indian spices is what makes Indian food quite diverse and delicious. From north to south, from west to east, there are many spices available in India. When it comes to buying, consider buying from local vendors.

These are some of the best items you need to buy while traveling to India. Moreover, look for north India tour packages with prices if you’re traveling in a budget.