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Lithium Batteries For Model Jets

Although some model jets use gas fuel, it is usually too expensive for most fliers. Dealing with a gas model jet is a little like taking care of a motorbike or car engine, which requires regular maintenance to keep it running. If you do not have the time or skill to run a gas engine, then a lithium battery may be a better choice for your model jet kit. Listed below is some basic information about model aircraft lithium batteries.


Lithium batteries can be greatly affected by temperature. To create electricity, all batteries create a chemical reaction, so a low temperature can greatly slow down this process. You can also look for customized enclosure design of lithium batteries from online sources.

Although a lithium battery will not be harmed by running at a lessened temperature, you will see a significant performance decrease. Freezing these batteries is not recommended, so it is better to store them in a dry and cool location during the winter months.


Battery Storage can severely affect the performance capacity of your battery, thereby changing its life expectancy. Never store the battery at full charge, but you also should not keep them at minimal voltage. Both of these methods will cause a "rusting" inside the battery that will decrease its ability to last. The best way to store these devices is at a 50% charge.


Despite some claims, batteries do not miraculously come to life after being discharged. There are no chargers that can undo the damage of a discharged cell. The best solution is to buy a new battery instead.