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Low Speed Vehicles Are Now In Trend

After updating the definition of low-speed vehicle (LSV), the federal government has finally allowed small electric vehicle manufacturers to market their products and offer them to companies specializing in landscaping and property maintenance.

These LSVs can be safely used in controlled low-speed environments where the risk of collisions with conventional vehicles is limited, particularly on university campuses, parks, and nursing homes. To get more details about low-speed vehicles for sale you may see it here.

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While conventional vehicles must meet around 40 safety standards, slow-moving vehicles are a different story. According to federal regulations, the LSV must be powered by an electric motor, emit no emissions, and run on four wheels at a maximum speed of 32 to 40 km/h.

Traffic encourages car manufacturers to design electric vehicles that meet the same standards as conventional vehicles while offering the same level of protection, producing zero emissions, and having no impact on air quality.

An environmental electric car is considered a low-speed car if it meets requirements. Golf carts generally do not meet the requirements for slow-moving vehicles.

Low-speed vehicles, despite having similar characteristics to cars, have fewer safety features and do not meet the same safety standards. Slow vehicle standards are set by the federal government.

When purchasing a low-speed vehicle, you must certify that it meets state standards. Only low-speed vehicles that meet federal standards and bear the mark of conformity can take part in the pilot program.