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Motivational Stories and Keeping Motivated

Many of us look for motivation from reading an inspiring book or listening to a motivational story. We get pumped up and promise ourselves that finally this time, we have found the way that echoes with our personal. This may last a few days, and then suddenly, the familiar feelings of discouragement set in, and the great motivational story you had no longer stir you the same way.

You may be tempted to look for another story to fire you up. In other words, you become a self-help junkie. Unfortunately, this roller-coaster of emotions never seems to end. If you want to read motivational short stories then you can visit

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How does someone keep motivated? By making your own motivational story. Success is a very personal journey and is often lonely. Motivation should be a result, a reason to do something again. You must build a self-evident benefit in your mind. You may get the right amount of encouragement from someone but you have to make the steps and carry the responsibility of keeping motivated.

When you are out camping and want to cook do you build a fire first or do you start cooking at the sign of smoke? Similarly, you need to be patient enough and nurse your dreams before you expect to get motivated enough to last the journey.

This means you have to keep visualizing your desires in great, emotional detail in a way that is personally meaningful to you. Those who are internally motivated to achieve great things have usually witnessed events that inspired them to work towards their goals.