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Health and Fitness

PPE Surgical Face Mask For Protection

The surgical mask is designed to protect the doctor from fluids that are projected into the air by the patient. They can work against the flu virus by filtering out 100 percent of the tiny particles. 

For the best protection against flu in a consumer-grade mask, look here for a mask with a PPE rating or higher. The PPE mark is an FDA given a mark that tells you the level of protection you will receive.

It is important to put on your mask properly once you get it so that it can function properly. Tie the mask on your face. There must be no gaps or holes in the edges. The leak can make it easier to enter the microbes, as the inhaled air passes through the filter completely.

Wear a mask when you get into a situation with several people. Leave the mask on until you come out of the area. By removing the mask, the virus can land on the inside of the material and be inhaled when the mask is re-applied. 

When caring for a sick person (maybe your child), you can protect yourself by wearing a mask around them. Also, consider wearing a mask when you are sick to prevent other people from developing the disease.

Regardless of whether you choose a PPE surgical mask or some other type, you can calm down as a stranger. The flu virus can be scary, but taking precautions can keep yourself and others safe.