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Qmanager Improve the Dismissal Process

Because QManager captures time stamps when children are taken down and picked up electronically, we already have daily attendance reports that are generated automatically from the portal. School staff can also make reports back in time to see who picked up the children last month or last year. These reports can then be printed or exported for the requirements of the State and examination of prisoners etc. 

We are now making a report that will help schools calculate club activity hours and charge the correct amount to parents. Another report that we will be able to produce soon is verification of all children in school.

This report can then be used for field activities, emergency training, etc. This report request came from one of our customers. So yes, we make special reports for our customers!

Type the query 'Digital Sign In-Out to find the software for proper dismissal process. 

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Here are the latest reports available for schools, after school and camp programs:

– Attendance

– Absent

– Activity Tracker (this is more a feature than a report)

– Calculation of Club Activity Hours

As a school administrator, you certainly know that managing a school institution is easier said than done. Between supervising staff, supervising students and solving unexpected problems, your daily work is never done. Above all, you have to deal with school dismissals, which take time, patience and, most importantly, valuable funds from your budget.

Our experience in working with schools throughout the country shows that using QManager school dismissal software can save significant time and money for your institution.