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Real Estate Appraisal in Los Angeles

Local Los Angeles Real Estate Market

The home value rose 13% from year to year inLA County. Many of the largest funds in the world, including THR California, Colony Capital, Blackstone, KKR, and Waypoint which gained almost 1/3 of all homes on the open market to rent for a period of 5 years. It is very significant for homeowners in Los Angeles counties, such as real estate will likely continue to increase in value.

How to Value Your Home

For the assessment of homes in Los Angeles County, you need to consider many factors. The size, location, quality of construction and curb appeal are a few, but many other factors are always considered as well. You can, however, get help from a qualifiedappraiser of Los Angeles for your home valuation.

How Much Value one Bedroom Add?

From the experience of our bedroom to add a value greater than the actual size of the property. Going from 2 to 3 bedrooms are usually worth the extra 15-20% of the value. Meanwhile, 3 to 4 bedrooms usually increase 3-5% of the value. Finally, 4 to 5 bedrooms may only 1-3% of the value. We focus on this equation in assessing the home as much as the price per square foot.

How Much Value Do Bathrooms Add?

Adding a bathroom to the property is usually a very valuable decision. Although an extra bathroom on the property which has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms can only add $ 5,000 $ 10,000 value, adding a bathroom in a property that has 3 bedrooms and only one bathroom can make a significant difference. Sometimes close to $ 25,000. This is a convenience that most buyers are often willing to pay for.