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Rhinoplasty – Women And Nose Jobs

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 220,000 women underwent some form of nose surgery in 2006 (by the way, it is also said that about 85,000 men underwent this procedure). If so, then why is there still a stigma about women lifting their noses?

The paparazzi get a photo of a star, and the next thing you know is a photo comparison to see if she has done a "nose". Who cares? Being a celebrity doesn't mean that she's immune to the same insecurities and problems women face every day. Or maybe she actually has a barrier that's bothered, as she puts it, and needs it to get rid of her breathing problems. Rhinoplasty is not just about aesthetics. To know more about rhinoplasty nose operation visit

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It's not just celebrities who are in control. The people in your life, the people you see every day, these are people who are going to have plastic surgery. You may have seen coworkers speculate about someone's new appearance and whisper it in the break room. Is he or not?

Some Hollywood stars recognize the benefits of controlling personal information and announce their operations instead of waiting for them to be released by the media.

If you are considering carving a nose, admit it with pride. Maybe then when everyone has noticed your new self-worth and how good you feel, the true benefits will show. Ask friends and family for more positive support.

Many women look at their self-worth before and after their nose, and most would agree that life has changed since the surgery. With a new nose, they are more confident because they feel much better. This is a good example of the nature of the impact nose jobs have on life in general.