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Selling Tips for Online Auctions Like eBay As Well As Selling on Amazon

One of the things I always admire when I go to online auction sites like eBay or third-party retailers like Amazon is the greed and ignorance of sellers. I am a buyer and seller and here are some general sales tips and secrets based on 15 years of experience, for anyone who wants to truly sell their product:

1. Always check the sales history of what you sell with the "Complete Auction" and what the applicable rates are for buying goods online from other sources of the same product in the same conditions. If you want to know more information about the online seller insurance, then you can check this source: Amazon Insurance Australia – Online Sellers Insurance.

You will be amazed at how many sellers register products with a higher dollar total including shipping than places like Amazon where you can make direct purchases or prices that apply from a previously complete auction.

2. Always show a picture of your product. Anyone who doesn't show a picture of their product sends an unconscious message to prospective buyers that:

1) They don't really have a product

2) They don't want to show the product because it's not as described

3) They don't have a scanner which is quite sad and

4) They don't care.

3. If you sell second-hand goods and you don't include openings or set prices at least 25% less (when shipping is taken into account) than how much it costs to buy new, how many people will go to all the difficulties of bidding, paying and waiting for second-hand goods can they buy new, from foreigners only to save 25%?

If you sell a brand new product, the sales price must be listed far less than what people pay at the National Chain store. If not, most people prefer to buy something directly at a certain rate, then save just a few dollars for the hassle of buying online from strangers.