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Some useful tips for Lithium Ion Vape Batteries

E-liquid that is stored in a hot vehicle or directly beneath sunlight begins to breakdown and changes the taste! The large temperature not only changes the odor of this e-juice, but it could also break the nicotine up, change the viscosity of this e-juice and obstruct the tank or atomizer. 

Heat may also ruin lithium-ion vape batteries. After lithium-ion batteries reach 100°F, the warmth begins damaging the batteries inducing it to keep the lesser and lesser quantity of charge.

Here are some tips for battery vaping:

  • Transfer your box mod at a pocket where you could check on it frequently. If need be, pull on your batteries in the mod, then check them separately and maintain them in a separate plastic case.
  • As a result of potential electricity outages due to thunderstorms, ensure that you have ample of batteries charged.
  • Always make sure you check the laws in your destination state since they may be treated otherwise being authorized in certain and prohibited outright others.
  • Don't store your e-juice from the fridge as heating will impact the tastes, therefore will long term cold storage. Keep it between 55-85º F.
  • Don't keep your e-juice bottles under the direct sunlight or within a popular automobile. The liquid discolors, the viscosity varies, along with the tastes can become very bizarre.
  • Don't hide your e-cig when creating your way through airport security.