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Step by Step Guide to Floor Polishing and Sanding in Gold Coast

Wooden floors are trendy and can last many years. They may lose their original beauty and need to be refinished. While refinishing may be able to clean floors that have been ruined over the years, only floor polishing in Gold Coast will restore their luster. You can sand your floors back to their original condition if they are too old or in poor shape. This entire process requires you to be careful.

We will be discussing the steps involved in sand or polishing the floor in Gold Coast, as well as some things to keep in mind. Let's get started:-

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Remove the old finish – Carefully inspect the surface and remove any raised corners, nails, nicks, or dents. Remove any sticky materials as they can ruin the entire sanding or polishing process. Before you start, clean the surface thoroughly. Make sure to remove all furniture.

Cover all Openings – Before you start the process, cover all openings such as electrical outlets, switches, and heating conduits. Tapes and heavy plastic can be used to cover these openings. It's also a good idea to place sheets directly on the door. It will be easier to work with an empty space if you have removed all furniture, curtains, and carpeting.

Use Medium and Fine Sanding to start sanding the floors. After you have finished sanding the floors with 40 grit sandpaper use 80 grit sandpaper to continue the process. 

The next step is polishing. In Gold Coast, once the sanding is complete, polishing will be done to give your floors a shiny and smooth look. Polishing protects your floors from damage by acting like a protective layer. There are many options, but make sure it matches the existing floor texture and color.