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    What Is Vinculin Antibody?

    Vinculin, a cytoskeletal protein, plays an important role during embryonic development and focal adhesion regulation. There are three domains of structural vinculin, an amino-terminal head and a proline-rich, short region, and a carboxy terminal tail. The closed confirmation is formed when the head domain and tail domains interact in the inactive state. Anti-Vinculin/VCL antibody is active and open form translocates to focal adhesions, where it is believed to play a role in the anchoring of F-actin to membrane and regulation cell migration. Phospholipid binding at the tail domain and subsequent PKC-a and Tyr100/Tyr1065 phosphorylation (Ser1033 and Ser1045 respectively) weakens the head–tail interaction.  This alteration in vinculin permits the binding of…