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  • Health and Fitness

    What is a gait analysis used for?

    A gait evaluation is an evaluation approach frequently used by health professionals to examine the way that their clients walk or run. The objective of it is to examine if the gait is bringing about any issues that they might be having and to help plan any interventions which might be required to change the gait to help with those issues. It is just a matter of looking at an individual walk or run, however highly complex gear as well as mathematical assessment may be done. With one end of the range might only be a visual analysis of the way that an individual walks or runs, however the challenge…

  • Health and Fitness

    The most common causes of knee pain in runners

    PodChatLive is the weekly live stream for the continuing learning of Podiatrists and also other people that might be interested. PodChatLive goes out live on Facebook and then is later uploaded to YouTube. Every episode incorporates a different guest or group of experts to debate a distinctive subject each month. Problems are replied to live by the hosts and experts while in the livestream on Facebook. Furthermore, there is a audio recording of each livestream readily available on iTunes as well as Spotify and the other standard podcast resources. They have acquired a considerable following that continues to grow. PodChatLive can be considered among the many approaches whereby podiatry practitioners…

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  • Education

    Did the Concept of PodChatLive Work?

    PodChatLive is the regular livestream for the ongoing professional development of Podiatrists and other health professionals that might be interested in the topics covered. Even non-health professionals are giving feedback that they enjoy the episodes. The stream goes out live on Facebook and then is later added to YouTube after being edited. Each live episode has a different guest or selection of guests to go over a different topic every time. A wide range of topics get covered, but all related to podiatry or the foot and lower limb. Questions are asked and are answered live by the hosts and their guests while in the live episode on Facebook. There’s even…

  • Health and Fitness

    Can you use Archies instead of Foot Orthotics?

    Foot orthotics are widely used to treat a range of biomechanical problem of the foot and leg. These foot orthotics are inserts that are worn in the shoe to try and change alignment of the foot in such a way that they help problems in the foot and leg. These problems range from, for example, plantar fasciitis in the heel to shin splints that can occur in the legs of runners. All the research evidence shows that the clinical outcomes with foot orthotics are generally good and most people that have them are satisfied with them. However, foot orthotics are only ever any good if you actually wear them. You…

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