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The Basics Of 3D Character Development For Video Games

The role of characters in video games is difficult to overestimate. The perfectly designed environment and a well-thought game design are for sure important for any game, but the look and feel of the characters, as well as their behavior, plays a huge role in the game’s reception by players.

In some genres, the protagonist even defines the general direction of the plot in which the game develops and sets the pace of the game. The creation of 3D characters is a specific area in the game art that requires so many areas of expertise. You can easily get the services of 3d game assets via

In this article, we’d like to share our ideas on how to create really impressive game characters that players will remember long after they finish the game.

What’s most important when you make 3D character models:

3D character production is based on three main pillars: skilled artists with complementary expertise, communication, and tools.

Skilled artists are the most valuable asset of any studio. Expertise determines a lot — from the quality of execution, ability to synchronize with the project DNA or IP’s history, to the power of creating something truly outstanding.

The process of 3D character development requires smooth communication between teams: from concept artists to 3D modelers and animators, all teams should be aligned to deliver great results. We also strongly believe that the highest standards of project management are at the core of any work, but especially for large projects.