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The Brooks B17 Saddle Is Constructed With 100% Leather

If you've been looking for a new bicycle seat you may have a variety of reasons your current saddle is not working for you. Most people who are riding their bicycle on a day to day basis are simply looking for a bicycle saddle that is comfortable. Only elite athletes competing in races choose a bicycle saddle that is lightweight so that they can ride faster. There are a variety of manufacturers that create bicycle saddles, as you've probably already discovered searching the internet.

Brooks England is one particular company that creates a comfortable bicycle saddle that also has a little bit of style. The Brooks B17 saddle is renowned in the cycling community as one of the most stylish and comfortable bicycle seats ever created. This Brooks saddle has been manufactured for about 100 years now and not much has changed on the seat over time. Of course this is not the only Brooks saddle the company makes, Brooks England has kept up with the times and created newer models as well. The Brooks B17 saddle is 100% leather which makes it beautiful, however it is susceptible to water damage. Some of the newer Brooks saddles that are being manufactured today are created from waterproof materials. You can check out the video posted by TailHappyTV and learn more about the Brooks B17 saddle and see if this is the kind of bike seat you have been in search of.