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The Main Causes Of Hydraulic Cylinder Seals Failure

One of the main objectives of a failure in the hydraulic cylinder is seal failure. Although the cost hydraulic cylinders seal is not too high, it can be very costly for downtime and lost production when a seal failure caused the failure of the cylinder.

If there is trouble in the cylinder, it is enough to focus on the problem or the reason causing seal failure problem. The main causes of failure of the hydraulic seal are as follows:

When the seal is not connected correctly: It is very important to analyze the following tips when a seal is fixed:

  • Cleanliness
  • Protection seal cuts and nicks
  • Perfect lubrication
  • It occurs during the tightening of the gland seals. This occurs when the installation when there are many lip seals.
  • Just check whether the seals are installed upside down.
  • Precaution here is to be careful when installing the hydraulic seals

When the contaminated hydraulic system: This is the main cause of failure of the hydraulic seal. Contamination caused by external elements such as mud, dirt, sand, dust, ice, etc. There can be contamination of internal problems as well as fluids, hoses, metal chips circulation, and other products degradable system break-down. Most hydraulic systems are externally contaminated because of the removal of the stem. That is why the proper installation of the rod wiper or scraper is a good solution.