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The Method To Make Crumpets

A crumpet is a little griddlecake, generally made with only flour, milk or water, and yeast.  Crumpets are tender and nearly spongy — the pockets which form would be an ideal car for honey, butter, or jam. They remind me of a milder pancake with lots and a lot of cracks and holes.  

Since crumpets are created out of a looser batter, so you really do need to have a unique ring to create them. There are rings that you could order online, referred to as a crumpet ring, English Muffin ring, or walnut ring. These crumpets do require a small bit of time to create, but they have a fairly easy recipe. Get the best crumpet from the top crumpet suppliers at

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Blend your own milk, yeast, and sugar and permit the yeast to bubble foam and up. Add the flour and blend in until the mixture is smooth.  Then you will want to pay for the bowl and put it aside to rise until the mixture has escalated and the batter is bubbly.  

Stir along with your own water and baking soda, then add this to the dough and blend.  You then are going to let it sit for approximately half an hour. Heat a griddle or a skillet, and then spray with nonstick cooking spray.  

Use tongs to remove the ring, then reverse the crumpet over to cook fast on the opposite side, just about 1 minute. Traditionally, crumpets aren't cooked on both sides, but I love to cook that instant side quite temporarily. Eat your crumpets with a lot of butter, honey, or jam!